About Veterinary studies in Bulgarian universities

For your veterinary studies in Bulgaria you have 2 universities and cities to choose from. There are veterinary faculties in Sofia and Stara Zagora. All of them have high quality standards and offer Bulgarian and English speaking courses.

In order to be accepted in the University you will need to submit any B2 certification (lower) or above for the English language and pass the exams in Biology and Chemistry. Please note that your tuition fees are paid each semester.

Preparation for your university exams

Bulgaria studies company can help you prepare for your biology and chemistry exam in 2 ways. First we provide to all our clients an online account for our E-Learning platform that simulates the university's tests and then if you need extra help, we can arrange for either online courses or in person studying with one of our preparation teachers.

After giving the exams, your final score will be calculated by taking into account your highscool score in biology and chemistry and of course your exam's score.

University admission fee & dates

Exam dates are set by each university every year so check out our Blog for any news or contact us. Due to constant changes in admission fees it is best to check out our Blog for news or request a quote from one of our representatives. This way you will be notified about current prices and we might be able to offer you more affordable alternatives.

University Fee / Year
  University of forestry Sofia €4500
  Thrakian University Stara Zagora €5100
  Stara Zagora Bulgarian speaking section (one preparatory year €2500 and then -->) €460/year


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